Political Philosophy

Assignment Due
Monday How Democratic is the US?

Freedom House Map of Freedom
Work on Democracy Rocks
due on 9/2
Read textbook page 14 (Geographic Distribution of Power) – page 16. Answer Section 2 Assessment 1-6 (page 16) and be prepared to explain your answers in class.
Tuesday Working With The Wiki
Working With The Wiki
Wednesday No Class - Arts Wednesday
Thursday Discuss Inequality and share work

Do one of the following. Your responses will be graded for complexity and significance.
· Send me your pictures of your grids and significant thoughts.
· Write a one page letter to the editor about the video.
· Make a one paragraph post responding to the video on You Tube.
· Make a one minute video response to the video on You Tube.
· Write a letter to a government official about the video.
· Make a significant post on this tumblr about the class.
· Write a song, rap, or poem about the distribution of wealth in the US
· Make a video response to the the great inequality video
Friday Work on Democracy Rocks due on Tuesday 9/2
Read Page 11 in your textbook and answer the 4 questions at the bottom of the page.
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