Poverty Project


The Hunger Site

We are going to make a wiki about global poverty

Choose one of the following roles for your class wiki

Wiki Master (only one per class) – Create, design, and edit our class poverty wiki (here's how). You are in charge of your class wiki and the front page of it which must include an overview of the topic and include at least 25 words of text, 1 video, and 2 pictures/graphics. You need to get your wiki template set up ASAP and linked onto our class sign-up page so that your colleagues can start their design work. You will also be responsible for helping get the class linked up to our wiki and creating a page on the wiki for each topic. As soon as you have a wiki page please post it on our class sign-up page!

find information on their topic to put on the wiki, including: text, audio, photographs, video, and web links.
Research team 1 – Definition of Poverty
Research team 2 – Statistics on poverty
Research team 3 – Causes of poverty
Research team 4 – Millennium Goals
Research team 5 – Disease and poverty
Research team 6 – Warfare and poverty
Research team 7 – Solutions
Research team 8 – Actions to take regarding poverty
Research team 9 - Poverty in the USA
Research team 10-Invent your own poverty topic (run your idea by me first)
Research team 11-Invent your own poverty topic (run your idea by me first!)

Here are your wiki writing guidelines and here is a link to the grading rubric I will use to evaluate the researchers
  • Write in 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Put your NAME at the top of your page
  • Your page should include at minimum:
  • 458 words of text
  • 5 photographs, pictures, maps, graphs, or charts
  • 2 videos/audio
  • 4 links
  • Cite and credit all your sources and work that you import to your wiki.
  • Please include your opinion on your topic on your page.
Helpful links
The Hunger Site
On the Ground Blog
World Bank
Hans Rosling
A Dollar a Day
Earth Institute
Millennium Goals

Mercy Corps

Pee Poo

Heifer International
Play Pumps International

Poverty and the Pill