Poverty Project 1015

Here is our wiki about global poverty

Wiki Master (only one person)
Wyatt Peterson
Definition of Poverty
Abby, Brodie, Savannah
Statistics on Poverty
Whitney and Maura Shawn
Causes of Poverty
Sam Griffin, Benjamin Keoseyan, Alex Sadosky
Millennium Goals
Jesse Sykes, Drake Duffer, Jason Grimes, William Bice
Disease and poverty
Cailin Murphy
Warfare and poverty
Trevor Sheppard Samir Gangwani Linnea Soderberg
Logan and Sarah Margaret
Actions to take regarding poverty
Elise and Myra
Poverty in the USA
Amber, Sarah, Andrew
Invent your own poverty topic and edit it in here Mr. Milner
Invent your own poverty topic and edit it in here

Link to the wiki: http://povertyftw.wikifoundry.com/

Here are your wiki writing guidelines and here is a link to the grading rubric I will use to evaluate your wiki page
  • Write in 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Put your NAME(S) at the top of your wiki page
  • Your page should include at minimum:
  • 458 words of text
  • 5 photographs, pictures, maps, graphs, or charts
  • 2 videos/audio
  • 4 links
  • Cite and credit all your sources and work that you import to your wiki.
  • Please include your opinion on your topic on your page.

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