Poverty Facts

Poverty is "The state of poverty is, according to the United Nations, “the total absence of opportunities, accompanied by high levels of undernourishment, hunger, illiteracy,lack of education, physical and mental ailments, emotional and social instability, unhappiness, sorrow and hopelessnessfor the future”. - United Nations

Poverty facts

A person dies of hunger about every 3 seconds = 24,000 a day
2 billion people have no electricity
750 million people are undernourished
Half the world lives on less than $2/day
1 billion people live on less than $1/day
48 poorest countries = .4% of all world exports
1.3 billion have no clean water
3 billion have no access to clean sanitation
120 Developing nations have 3/4 of world’s population, 1/20 of the world’s wealth
Urbanization is growing in the developing world
Environmental degradation is growing

Poverty Facts - Politics Studio
Developing World generalizations
120 nations
3/4 of world population
1/20 of world wealth
South of the equator
Weak political institutions
How are economics connected to political conditions?

Poverty Facts - Politics Studio
Disparity in incomes
Bill Gates could buy Africa 3 times
We could feed all hungry humans this year for $13b
US and Europe this year spent on pet food $18b
300 richest millionaires wealth = 2.5 billion people
Change → 1976 Swiss 52 x richer than Mozambique
1997 Swiss 508x richer than Mozambique (The 80s were the lost decade)
In 1960s the richest 5th of the world had a total income 30 times greater than the poorest. In 1998 the ratio was 74:1.
In 1965 real GDP per capita in Chad was 1/15 that of the US; in 1990 1/50.

Poverty Facts - Politics Studio
Per capita GDP $
Norway 48,710
Turkey 2,850
Russia 2,730
China 1,070
Pakistan 476
South Korea 10,880
Iraq 1,060
Argentina 2,580
Mexico 6,210
Nigeria 360
USA 37,600

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