Poverty Unit

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Work on Human Rights Project
11:20 - you may want to copy and paste our class website into your browser http://humanrights1120.tumblr.com
1:30 - here is a link to our 1:30 class wiki

Tuesday Hotel Rwanda
History of Rwanda
Concise definition of genocide
Complex definition of genocide
Article: Bystander to Genocide
Browse the following site to learn more about Rwanda
Story of Darfur today
Conviction of Charles Taylor

Wednesday Hotel Rwanda Discussion
Answer the following question by Thursday:
Should the US intervene to stop genocide?

The US did not intervene in Rwanda in the 1990s, but the US did recently intervene in Libya to stop what is claimed would be the slaughter of civilians in Benghazi, Libya. Meanwhile, the US has not acted in Darfur, Sudan where well over 300,000 civilians have died in what the UN calls genocide. Use examples from the movie, recent history, and current events to help frame your answer.
Rwanda Today
CIA World Factbook Rwanda
Rwandan Politics Today

Should the US help human rights abuse victims?
Listen to this story of an Afghan girl who, facing death, ran away to the US military.

Thursday The Biggest News of 2009
Human Rights Project
This BBC special report on Rwanda is full of great links
Here's a list of movie for further viewing about the Rwandan Genocide
Read and complete by Monday:
The Singer Solution to World Poverty
Bring in a human rights image to class
Friday Poverty Facts
Material World
Why are some countries rich?

Poverty Links
Poverty Videos
The Material Gap
Assign Poverty Project/Final Exam - due on final exam day

If the World Were 100 People
2014 Stats: If the world were 100 People

The Singer Solution to World Poverty
Mothers' Day
Hopeful News About Poverty

Read and complete by Monday:
The Singer Solution to World Poverty
Give away free food at The Hunger Site
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