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Monday President Versus Congress Project
President Versus Congress Project
Tuesday Slide show of the main points of the Jame's David Barber's article.
Presidential Administrations
Branches of Government Jeopardy

Presidency and Congress Test Review Sheet
Presidential System of Government
Growth of Presidential Power
War Powers
Divided Government
Final Presidential Job Approval Gallup Video
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Divided Government

Signing Statements
The Budget
The 2011 Budget Pie Chart
James David Barber: The Presidential Character.
Richard Neustadt: Presidential Power.
Richard Neustadt: Presidential Power and the Modern Presidents
Arthur Schlesinger: The Imperial Presidency
Thomas Cronin and Michael Genovese: The paradoxes of the American presidency

These articles will be covered on the test on the presidency.

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Presidency and Congress Test

Presidency and Congress Test
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According to the Senate’s historian, Donald A. Ritchie, only 5 percent of presidential cabinet nominees have been blocked or rejected by the Senate. And only twice since 1917, when the Senate’s modern filibuster rules were created, has a cabinet-level nominee been subject to a supermajority vote of 60, as Republicans are forcing with Mr. Hagel.

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