Presidency Collage

Collage 1120 - Politics Studio
Article II of The Constitution lays of the many powers of The President. Chapter twelve of the textbook gives further detail on these powers.

You will be responsible for researching and then teaching the class about one of the president's powers.

Click on your class page below to find your class chart where you will post the information you learn about one of the president's powers.

1) Present your role
Click on the link to your class below to see the specific power that you are assigned. You will research this power and present it to class with a clear, detailed, and specific description, using a visual image from the internet (still or moving). For your presentation, I will ask you to pull up your image on my computer. Please don’t bring flash drives, computers, or equipment to class. Be prepared to use the internet on my computer to locate your image and share with class. The information your team puts or doesn't put in the online version of this chart will constitute 50% of your grade.

2) Complete the entire chart
Each student will print out and fill in the entire chart. The chart should include a description of each of these powers, along with a ranking of them in order of importance (1=most important, 8=least). Put your name at the top of the page. Your individual chart will count as 50% of your grade.

Individual chart = 50% of grade
Online Chart = 50% of grade
My Little Pony= 0% of grade

My Little Pony