Presidential Candidate Project

Presidential Campaign Project 2012

(1) Join a team of up to four citizens.

(2) Choose one of the following major party candidates for president. First come, first served.
Barack Obama
Mitt(ens) Romney
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum
Ron Paul

(3) Make a blog, wiki, powerpoint, or poster about your candidate’s run for president. Include charts, maps, ads, video, and other multi-media sources in your project. Present your work in on Thursday, February 16th in class.

(4)Include all of the following steps and questions in your project

What is your candidate’s platform?
Where do they stand on the major issues?
You should address most of the following:
Foreign policy
Health care
Job Creation
Economic growth
XL Pipeline

Party Nomination
Explain how presidential primaries & caucuses work and describe your candidate’s course and strategy through the nomination process. Be specific about how they plan to win their party nomination. Describe the strategy your candidate used to get nominated. (50 state strategy, rally the base, win big early, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa!)

Explain how conventions work and describe how your candidate could be nominated at your party’s nominating convention. Name and describe who you imagine would be your candidate’s vice-presidential nominee and explain the strategy your candidate used in picking their VP nominee (balance, large state base, experience).

Describe Federal legal limitations and funding in presidential elections.
Describe the role money played on your candidate’s campaign and give tallies of how much money has been raised in your campaign (include how much your candidate has spent so far, the top donors to your campaign, Big Super PACs supporting your candidate and some of the top independent expenditures and 527s in the campaign.)

Explain presidential debates and how your candidate has fared in their debates and how you imagine they will fare in the Democrat versus Republican presidential debates and what role debates played in their strategy and in the final outcome of the election.
Explain the overall media and campaign strategy your candidate used in the general election (attack, 50-state strategy, win the large swing states, rally the base).
Describe the final vote tally on election night along with your explanation of the election results.

Charts of money and spending
Results in elections
An ad or two
A clip of campaign performance
A clip from a stump speech

Good luck!

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