Presidential Limerick Contest

This is Extra Credit. You don't have to do it.

Here are the rules for how to write a limerick.

Write a limerick about the presidency (that doesn't just mean about Obama specifically, it could be about any aspect of the presidency).
I will pick the top five from all the limericks, each of whom will win extra credit, and then our classes will vote and we'll crown a winner who gets mad extra credit and cookies!

Here are two incredible examples of limericks! You won't believe how amazing they are!

There once was a man named James Mad
Who grew not a bit as a lad
He measured five four
from his head to the floor
But his Constimitution was rad!

The prez is such a success
He can even veto Congress
But two thirds over-ride
If these branches collide
And the Senators muscles do flex

Here are some presidential limericks from years past. You might recognize some of these authors.
Post your limerick with your name on the following page and get ready to rumble!

I'll pick the top five limericks and post them on the Presidential Limericks Finalists page.