Public Opinion Poll

Get in a team of up to four.
Write one public opinion poll question you’d like to ask 50 people. This won't be a truly scientific sample, but try your best to make a good poll.
The question should focus on politics.
Here's some examples of poll topics and how you might ask the questions.
Legalized Marijuana
Kids of undocumented aliens becoming citizens

Gays in Military

Increased government regulation of food

Feelings towards Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party

Here are some guidelines for writing a good public opinion poll question.
Remember the following guide when thinking about a public opinion poll.

Consider the terms and ideas on pages 208-210 in the textbook as you write your question.
Make sure to consider sample size, latency, intensity, salience, random sampling, margin of error, and wording.
Ask your question to at least 50 people (the more people, the more reliable, but you probably won't have time to ask a ton of people).
Tally your results and share them with class and be prepared to discuss the validity and problems of your own poll. Make sure to list your names, your results, and the number (N) of people polled.

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