Public Policy Part iii

Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Foreign Policy Choices
Foreign Policy Choices Debate
Future Five Template
Foreign Aid
New 2011 Foreign Aid Numbers

Wallstats - US Interactive Budget
Take a look at the number of casualties in the War in Afghanistan and check out The Cost of War Counter and Trade Offs-National Priorities Project
Turn in Foreign Policy Choices Debate sheet at end of class.
Here is a link to the 2004 FRQs I gave you in class today. You don't need to do anything with them. They are yours to study.
Here is a link to the rubric for the 2004 FRQs I gave you in class today.
Tuesday AP Exam Review
AP Practice FRQs

Wednesday Tax Counter
Taxpayer Receipt
US Tax Brackets
Average US taxes
Taxes in the US compared to other countries

Here's a link to a nice free practice exam

Thursday Social Policy - Health Care Costs
Social Policy - health care outcomes
12% of US births are preterm, putting us on par with
Kenya, Turkey, Thailand, East Timor and Honduras.

Friday 35 Multiple Choice and 1 FRQ Test on
Chapter 17, Public Policy; Chapter 18, Economic Policy; Chapter 19, Social Policy; and Chapter 20, Foreign Policy

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