Race Essay for NON AP GoPo

Here’s the essay question:
What is the state of race in the United States today?

Write a one-page (front and back) essay on race.
Write as many paragraphs as you wish but try to stay within one page (front and back) total.
You will not be graded on grammar or spilling (lol)!
Here's a link to some essay writing rules to break.

Express your opinion! Support it with facts! You may use any facts you find in your notes/brain/internet/textbooks/handouts/articles/films

Feel free to use stories/personal observations/experiences in your essay.
Make sure to use facts/data/information to support your opinion and reinforce your stories/personal observations/experiences.

In your essay, try to discuss one or more of the different topics we’ve covered in class/computer lab:

White privilege
Alabama literacy teset
History of discrimination
A class dvided (video)
Definition of race/racism
Affirmative action
Or other topics about race

Here’s the essay question again:
What is the state of race in the United States today?

Good Luck!!!!!
In Bocca Lupo!

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