September 5

Welcome to our class wiki. Today we are going to do a number of things to get our year started on-line.

By the end of class today you should have made one short (just a few lines) post to each of the threads below for a total of three posts.
By Tuesday you should have created your wiki.

1)Take the followingquizon your dorm room and think about ways you can become more green. Or, if you don’t believe in global warming, do the opposite of the things the quiz recommends. Comment on theGreen threadbelow on what you learned.

2)Go toTEDand recommend a TED talk you’d like to see in class. Post your suggestions of the best TED talk in theTED thread(it rhymes!) below.You may need more time to find your favorite TED talk. The TED Thread post ONLY is due by Sunday, September 7 at 11:59 pm.

3)Check out theCopenhagen Consensusand their ideas about the biggest ten challenges facing the earth. Make one comment about the Copenhagen list of problems on theProblems threadbelow.

4)Create your own wiki which you will use as an online portfolio and discussion board for this class. Go toWetpaintto start your very own wiki. Follow the easy instructions to create your wiki, then add a wiki page entitledbiowith a short introduction of who you are (make it simple, or fancy it up with pictures, video, links, or whatever you'd like). You can add anything else you want, but remember, I will have access to your wiki, so don't be nasty, brutish, or short.Your wiki is due on Tuesday.

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