Social Capital Rap

The following is an example of a rap about social capital.
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Social "CAPITAL"

by: Jeffizzle

Social Capital is about meeting new peeps.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, every day of the week.

You gotta build it up so you can be a social delight.
That means get coffee in the morning, go to town at night.

Hit the CLUB! Whether it be to dance or read books.
You don't wanna be a hermit 'cause you'll get funny looks.

You gotta get OUTSIDE! Go for a RIDE!
Get a lot of people to hang out by your SIDE!

Go to a movie! That jank would be groovy.
Maybe take a trip to the store and buy yourself a smoothie.

(Beatbox Interlude)

But let's get real,
You know what I'm gonna say.
Increase your social capital by smoking a jay.

Get off of Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace.
There are better things in life of which you should embrace.

Are we addicted to friends like we're addicted to things?
Being glued to the computer screen sounds antisocial to me.

When you get unglued take all your boredom to the mall.
Fill up your boring life with the material things you just saw.

Impulsively Purchasing **** That YOU DON'T NEED!
Affluenza is fueled by media and our own GREED!

Industries plant the seed. "You've GOTTA have this to get friends!"
So we buy a bunch of **** for the hopes of INTERACTIONS!?

Two words: Social Capital. How about just capital?
To me this whole thing is just plain laughable.

Who Cares if you only have two good friends?
Take a look at this "issue" through a more focused lens.

It's Quality, not Quantity.
Be grateful for what you've for what you've got.

'Cause Quality affects happiness and Quantity does not.

So don't be a hermit and don't be told what to do.
You can't buy social capital the way your told to.


By the Honorable Jeff Coward

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