Social capital project

Are we bowling alone?
Think about Robert Putnam’s thesis that we are increasingly isolated + “Bowling alone.”
Is his thesis about the US true about UNCSA, Winston-Salem, your hometown?
Go out into UNCSA, Winston-Salem, the mall, downtown, or any American place and document our lives. Try to capture images, words, or descriptions that either reinforce or contradict Robert Putnam’s thesis.

Work in groups of up to four.
Use words, interviews, digital images, video, or other means to create your own thesis about our togetherness/dividedness. You will present your thesis in class (paper, poster, blog, prezi, PowerPoint slide show, tumblr, web site, video of a dance, song, or other creative expression) about whether we are bowling alone. Your visual thesis should be full of information, images, and thoughts.

You will be evaluated on
50%: Creativity and production of your presentation
50%: Strength and persuasiveness of your thesis

Due Date

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