Super PAC

Super PACs are Super-awesome.

Super-PACs are a new kind of political action committee created in July 2010 following the outcome of a federal court case known as v. Federal Election Commission. Technically known as independent expenditure-only committees, Super PACs may raise unlimited sums of money from corporations, unions, associations and individuals, then spend unlimited sums to overtly advocate for or against political candidates. Super PACs must, however, report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis -- the Super PAC's choice -- as a traditional PAC would. Unlike traditional PACs, Super PACs are prohibited from donating money directly to political candidates. As of October 11, 2012, 931 groups organized as Super PACs have reported total receipts of $394,249,275 and total independent expenditures of $348,694,658 in the 2012 cycle. See more on Outside Spending.

Super Super PACs

Restore Our Future
Crossroads GPS
Priorities USA Action
Americans For Prosperity
Winning Our Future
Club For Growth

Work with up to four students.
1)Create your own Super PAC. Start by generating a Super PAC name.
2)Decide which presidential candidate you want to support with your Super PAC.
3)Make a 30 second video* and post it on You Tube. You may not collaborate with either presidential campaign. Remember to end your ad with: "Such and such is responsible for the content of this ad."
4)Share your ad with us in class on 10/22.

*If you absolutely can't figure out how to make a video you may make a print or audio ad or a storyboard for a video.

Here is a student Super PAC ad from 2012

Here's another

And here is a link to another 2012 student made Super PAC ad.

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