The Singer Solution To World Poverty

1)Think about these facts about poverty
  • 1 person dies a hunger related death every 3 seconds
  • 24,000 people die hunger related deaths every day
  • Every month, 150,000 African children die of Malaria (which is easily preventable with a $6 mosquito net).
Don’t forget to do your part with a quick and free visit to The Hunger Site

2)Read The Singer Solution to Poverty

3)Complete this assignment by answering the questions below and preparing to discuss the article in class.
The Singer Solution
1. What is Bob’s dilemma?
2. What should Bob do?
3. How are you like Bob?
4. Is it true that if you didn’t buy an IPOD and sent the money to Heifer International or Kiva you could save a life?
5. How much should you sacrifice?
6. Why don’t people sacrifice for those who are dying and could be saved?
7. What would happen if all Americans lived on $35,000 a year and sent the rest of our $ to the poor?
8. What criticism do you have of Singer’s solution?
9. What should you do now that you know?

ipod Versus Child

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