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Date Topic Assignment Due
Monday Hotel Rwanda
Final Exam Assignment

Tuesday Hotel Rwanda Discussion
  • Why did the Rwandan genocide happen?
  • Why did the West fail to stop the genocide?
  • Why does the West fail to stop today's genocide in Darfur?
Answer the following question by Thursday:
Should the US intervene to stop genocide?

The US did not intervene in Rwanda in the 1990s, but the US did recently intervene in Libya to stop what is claimed would be the slaughter of civilians in Benghazi, Libya. Meanwhile, the US has not acted in Darfur, Sudan where well over 300,000 civilians have died in what the UN calls genocide. Use examples from the movie, recent history, and current events to help frame your answer.
Rwanda Today
CIA World Factbook Rwanda
Rwandan Politics Today

Wednesday Arts Wednesday
Thursday The Story of Stuff Should the US intervene to stop genocide?
Friday The Story of Bottled Water

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