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President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner

Breaking News: Justice Stevens to Retire after 34 years
Senator Ensign to NOT retire after 16 years

Debt rising in Europe

The Westboro Baptist Church is going to the Supreme Court!!!!
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Tech Story of the Moment
Here is an interesting story on cell phones and what they tell others about you.

Fun Video of the Moment
Here is today's fun political video of the day. Enjoy!

Here is the video of the drunk Japanese finance minister who just resigned (below).

Odd News Story of the Moment
Today's odd news story is about a chimp who has gone mad.

Here's a fun link to lots of funny videos from The Onion.

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Here is a fun quiz about the US for you guyz!
Here are the answers to the quiz, yo! No cheating!

Let's mix politics and art! I think you musicians might especially like this, but it's an inspiration to us all.
We all need heroes.

The Sheriff says...

Judge Suspends Deportation of Venezuelan man who is married to an American man!

President Obama Addresses The Shawties

President Obama at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner
Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner
- Thanks to Samivel Evans

Back by popular demand: Student Spotlight! Find out who is the current student of the week!

Should the US torture?
Interactive graphic on Osama Bin Laden's assassination.
Bin Laden's Death and Obama's Approval ratings.

Student Government Shutdown

Is Barack Obama American? Despite longstanding authoritative evidence to the contrary, 45% of Republicans think Obama is not an American.
Why is that? Is the lingering idea that Obama is not American born from:
Racial resentment?
Join in the Room For Debate. Post a comment along with your name and hometown and I'll give you extra credit on the last test.

Join the Discussion Thread on Race

Breaking News: Yesterday, H. Con. Res 13, a resolution which reaffirms the official motto of the United States as “In God We Trust,” was passed in the House Judiciary Committee, and now faces general debate in the House. If passed on the House floor, the resolution would encourage the display of “In God We Trust” on public buildings, including government institutions and public schools.
“If religion and morality are taken out of the marketplace of ideas,” the resolution reads, “the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secured.” The resolution goes on to state, “’As President Eisenhower said and President Ford later repeated, ‘Without God, there could be no American form of government, nor, an American way of life.’”

Just how accurate are early presidential polls?

Legislators seek to Unclog Nomination Process. Thanks Lindsay!!!!!

For the musicians

Federalism: G.O.P. pushes to deregulate environment at state level.

A Lawsuit's Unusual Question: Who Is A Man?

Republican Paul Ryan's Massive Budget Deficit Fighting Plan

Jacob's Pillow!!!
Why We're Fasting: H.R. 1
Holy smoke, let's map the 2010 census!

A wonderful student asked about whether crimes committed on airlines were state or federal offenses. The answer is... FEDERAL. Post any other questions about the federal justice system or about politics in general HERE and I will give you mad props, credit, Milner prizes, or cookies!
Speaking of cookies...
Tyler Sanborn found this hilarious political commercial.

BREAKING NEWS: Obama is Not courageous
Listen or Read : 8-1 Supreme Court Ruling Sides with Westboro Baptist Church
Here is an argument for why the Supreme Court was wrong to side with the Westboro Baptist Church

New Congress Data Shows Why Polarization Abounds
Congress Gender Balance
Richest Congress-people
NC District Maps

Un-American Revolution by Niall Ferguson
This Is Just The Start by Thomas Friedman

Qaddafi Duck

Collective Bargaining Video Explanation
Majority in Poll back Employees in Public Sector
Here's the poll

Congressman Henry Waxman
Henry Waxman!

Admiral Akbar
Admiral Akbar
"It's a trap!"

State of the Union

Who runs the Persian Gulf, Middle East, and North Africa?

Human Rights Support Page

Check Out Obama's budget proposal

In honor of President Mubarak....

Food Prices Soar Worldwide
Food Export Prices Rise Graph

Drought in China
World's Largest Crops Graph

Welcome To The Politics Studio! - Politics Studio

Climate Hawk


Egypt receives about $1.3bn a year in US military aid and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic assistance - second only to Israel.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Egypt as the 138th most democratic out of 167 nations; below Pakistan (104), Afghanistan (150), and even China (136)! The US ranked 17th.
Harper's Index 2008 December
An ex-student, Chelsea Langevin, just sent me this article: Republicans Try to Abolish Arts Groups

The State of the Union Address: Interactive Video and Transcript - You can use this to watch your extra credit assignment.
The State of the Union Address: Picture of Who Sat Where - e-mail me the name of the cabinet member who was missing and in a secure location (this person is known as the "designated survivor") for more extra credit.


You can directly ask President Obama questions at You Tube


You are under arrest! - Many thanks to Shannon S-W!

Top Ten Composers Ever

Welcome To The Politics Studio! - Politics Studio

Welcome To The  Politics Studio! - Politics Studio


Welcome To The Politics Studio! - Politics Studio

DOMA is being sued!

Let's hear it for
Aung San Suu Kyi who was finally released today!

Is an Orthodox Jewish Rapper who grew up in Brooklyn, lives in Jerusalem, and whose father is the prime minister of Belize a good example of globalization?

Where are you going to live? In a global city, of course!

Read Economix every day and you will get so smart you won't believe it!

Exit Polls!


Tweet the election!


You have so much to give!

Why I love Lawrence Lessig

How to kill Creativity

To get your grade average go to EDU2.0

Who are you?
Complete the following ideology quiz!!!!

Breaking News
A Seattle cartoonist is in hiding for proposing, "Everybody draw Mohammed day"
Share your thoughts about freedom of speech and respect and tolerance on the thread at the bottom of this page...
Anyone who makes a serious and substantial comment will get extra credit on the Democracy Rocks Project.


We have over $50.00 in Kiva credit. Think about how we might best use this money.

Let's make t-shirts with Mr. Spoon's beautiful American flag logo.
The shirts will cost around $12.87 each and all profits from the sales will go to a good cause. Answer the poll below to help us decide how many shirts to make.

Do SAT scores make or break your college acceptance?

Here's where my taxes went...
Here's a NPR story on where my taxes went.
And here is a tax receipt calculator where you can figure out where you or your parents' taxes went.

Let's celebrate! The Poverty Rate is up!!!!
Who's the oldest judge in the US?
Sarah Palin Crosshairs

found this great nation building simulation. Check it out...

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